Our Philosophy

Welcome to BMI Fitness!
We are a group of nationally certified, highly educated and experienced fitness professionals who share the same passions – wellness and people. We use a client-centered approach to find unique and creative ways to motivate and bring out the best in each individual client. Like all great coaches, we help our clients set realistic, attainable, yet challenging goals along with a clear guide on how to get to each milestone. Over time, we take our clients’ minds and bodies to a level they never thought possible.

Beyond aesthetics and health risk management, we design conditioning programs that enable our clients to enjoy and excel in hobbies and activities they love outside of the training studio – whether it’s to play better golf, improve their tennis game or to train for a triathlon. Our program design is based on the latest research and we are adept at working with clients of all levels and abilities – from serious athletes to clients with chronic medical conditions and injuries.

In addition to being results-driven, we care about the overall well-being of our clients, as optimal health encompasses much more than a fit body. We pride ourselves in getting to know our clients as whole persons and have built many life-long friendships over the years.